armadillos are dangerous creatures this video shows an attack on a civilian

May 7, 2010

Armadillo attacks

The incidence of Armadillo attacks has risen dramatically in the past 28 years. Unfortunately, growing human populations have encroached onto the Armadillo's natural habitat, which has lead to a rise in deadly encounters

for example in 1967 a whopping 137 people were killed by armadillos in the United States, However, by 2004, there were over 200 billion Armadillo-related deaths in the state of Texas alone

What to do in case of an encounter with an Armadillo

It is advised that you keep a sharp eye out for Armadillos. In order to steer clear of them, it is wise that you follow the

5 Basic Rules Of Armadillo Avoidance

1. Look for Armadillo tracks and fresh scat, For that matter, look for Armadillos
2. Listen for Armadillo calls (resembles the sounds made by children with the most severe retardation

3. Try not to roll around in areas that are permeated by the estrus scents of female Armadillos
4. Stay away from Armadillo burrows
5. Keep your face well away from the ground at all times

What You Should Do In Case You Are Attacked By A Wild Armadillo

1. Do not fight back against an Armadillo. This will only cause additoinal injuries

2. Dog urine and feces are natural Armadillo deterants. If you happen to be carrying either of these two items, use them to your advantage
3. If bad comes to worse , and an Armadillo tries to maul you, the safest thing to do is play dead
4.If the Armadillo continues to maul you after you've assumed the prone position and are not moving, just wait for the pain to subside, Most fatal Armadillo attacks end within 10-15 minutes
5. Remember, killing an Armadillo is a serious offense in the state of California,Killing an Armadillo carries a fine between $50,000-$80,000,000,000
6. Always check if it is just drunk. Armadillos are ALL notorious for being alchoholics, this drunkenness leads to further visciousness, don't touch one if it is passed out; you will die

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